GAS is short form of Gujarat Accounts Service. GAS is a cadre of Finance Department (F.D.), Government of Gujarat. There are 6 Head of Departments (H.O.D.s) under finance department. As under:

(1) Directorate of Accounts & Treasury (D.A.T.)

(2) Examiner, Local Fund Accounts

(3) Directorate of Pension & Provident Fund (D.P.P.F.)

(4) Directorate of Insurance

(5) Commercial Tax

(6) Registrar of Sales Tax Tribunal

GAS Cadre performs its duties mostly in first 3 HODs and some in 4th HOD. If any officer/employee posted in these departments, he/she in “Parent Department”. For GAS Cadre officials, H.O.D.s except Finance Department are known as “Other Department”.


There are 7 levels in hierarchy of GAS Cadre:

1. Director:

Directorate of Accounts & Treasury, Examiner – Local Fund Accounts, Directorate of Pension & Provident Fund, Directorate of Insurance and Chief General Manager in Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd. are Director level posts. You can see details of Directors in Directory Page.

2. Joint Director:

Joint Directors generally works with Directors or in other HODs. You can see details of Joint Directors in Directory Page.

3. Deputy Director (D.D.):

Post of D.D. is also known as “Class-1, Senior Duty”. D.D. works in HODs of Finance Department and also in HODs of Other Departments mostly in Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad. District Treasury Officer of Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat and Rajkot are Deputy Directors. Zonal Examiners in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat and Rajkot are also Deputy Directors. You can see details of Directors in Directory Page.

4. Accounts Officer, Class-1:

Accounts Officer, Class-1 performs their duties in various HODs and at district level.

» District level posts of Accounts Officer, class-1 :

› District Treasury Officer (T.O.) – District Treasury Office

› District Assistant Examiner (A.E.) – Local Fund Accounts Office

› Accounts Officer (A.O.) – District Panchayat

5. Accounts Officer, Class-2:

Accounts Officer, Class-2 performs their duties in various HODs and at district level.

» District level posts of Accounts Officer, class-2 :

› Additional Treasury Officer (A.T.O.) – District Treasury Office

› Junior Assistant Examiner (Jr.A.E.) – Local Fund Accounts Office

› Internal Audit Officer (I.A.O.) – District Panchayat

› Accounts Officer, District Primary Education Committee – District Panchayat

› Accounts Officer – District Industries Centre

› Project Officer (Accounts) – District Rural Development Agency (DRDA)

6. Class – 3 Employees:

There are 4 sub categories in class – 3 employees. Generally they work in District level in District Treasury Office and Local Fund Accounts (L.F.) Office. In Sub-Treasury at Taluka Level.

› Group-1: Accountant/Auditor

› Group-2: Deputy Accountant/ Deputy Auditor

› Group-3: Sub Accountant/Sub Auditor

› Group-4: Junior Clerk and Typist.

7. Class-4 Employees: 

Nayak, Peon.

  1. Restoration of pension will be effect on 15 years after payment of CVP. Date of retirement will not count for it. For example, payment of CVP was made to you on 12/9/2001, your cvp restoration will start from pension of October, 2016. If you have more query, plz contact concern District Treasury Office.

  2. From :
    D. P. Madlani
    Block No.6,
    Mahalaxmi Society
    Nr. Moti Baug,
    Opp. S T Colony,
    Junagadg – 362001

    The Directorate of Pension & Provident Fund
    Block No 18, Dr. Jevera Mehta Bhavan,
    Road Number 5, Sector 10,
    Gujarat 382010

    Subject: Not to deduct commuted pension amount due to completion of 15 years.
    Reference: Your pension order No. DPP-P-97566, Year – 2001
    Dear Sir,
    With reference to above subject matter, please note that I was retired on 01.07.2001 and completed 15 years of retirement.
    As such, the commuted pension which was deducting so far should not be continued further from 01.07.2016. However the amount of commuted pension is deducted from July’16 pension also.
    Hence it is requested to advise concerned not to deduct the commuted pension further and also pay the amount deducted so far.
    Thanking you in anticipation.
    Your’s faithfully,

    D. P. Madlani

  3. નાણા વિભાગના તા.૧૭/૦૬/૧૯૯૪ના ઠરાવ મુજબ પગાર રક્ષણનો લાભ મળે છે. આ ઠરાવ નીચેની લીન્ક પરથી ડાઉનલોડ કરવા વિનંતિ છે.


    સેવા સળંગ ગણવા અંગેનો ઠરાવ મળે એટલે આ વેબસાઇટ પર પોસ્ટ કરીશ.

  4. (૧)એક સરકારી નોકરી માથી બીજી સરકારી સરખા વર્ગમા ભરતી/હાજર થાય તો તેની પહેલાની નોકરી સળંગ નોકરી ગણાય કે કેમ ? તે બાબતે નો કોઇ ઠરાવ કે હુકમ હોય તો મોકલવા વિનંતી છે.


    My father is retired from pension office. Can he claim medicine bill through pension office. He is eligible for the same. What is formality.

  6. નિયમો મુજબ પ્રસૃતિ દરમિયાન મળી શકે. પરંતુ, બાળકના જન્મ પછી છ માસમાં કોઇપણ સમયે રજા લેવાની “પ્રથા” છે. આ અંગે સ્પષ્ટતા કરતો કોઇ ઠરાવ કે પરિપત્ર ધ્યાનમાં નથી.

  7. પૅટરનીટી લીવની રજાઓ બાળકના જન્મથી કેટલા દિવસ સુધીમાં મૂકી શકાય? માર્ગદર્શન આપવા નમ્ર વિનંતી… પરિપત્ર હોય તો પૉસ્ટ કરશો…

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