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Final Seniority List of Accounts Officer, Class-2

Final Seniority List of Accounts Officer, Class-2 of GAS Cadre is published by GH branch of Finance Department (FD) on 04/04/2013.

Serial No. 602 to 713 is published in this final seniority list.

Earlier  Provisional Seniority List was published by FD. You can download it from here.

Download the Final Seniority List from following link:

Final Seniority List of Accounts Officer, Class-2

Leave Encashment for Teachers

Education Department has published circular/clarification on Date:26/03/2013 regarding Leave encashment on retirement of teachers of Government and Non-Government Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Higher Secondary Schools.

This circular/clarification is NOT available on GSWAN of website or Education Department.

Download the Circular from following link:

Leave Encashment to Teachers (Date:26/03/2013)

There is another important notification of Finance Department (FD) regarding Leave Encashment for Teachers. By this notification FD has amended Rule-65(4) of Gujarat Civil Service (Leave) Rules, 2002. This notification is also NOT available on GSWAN of website or Finance Department.

Download the Notification from following link:

FD Notification (Date:21-04-27)

No Family Pension to deaf and dumb child of pensioner

Finance Department clarified by letter dated 11th March, 2011 that deaf and dumb child of pensioner is not eligible to get lifetime family pension because deaf and/or dumb child can earn their own livelihood.

It is clarified on the basis of GR of Government of India dated 06th July, 1989.

Download the clarification letter from following link:

No Family Pension to Deaf and Dumb Child

Provisional Seniority List of Class -2

Provisional Seniority List of Accounts Officer Class-2 of GAS Cadre is published by Finance Department by Circular on 3rd day of February, 2012. It is from serial no. 602 to 840. When it will be final, we’ll upload it here.

Download Provisional Seniority List from following link

Provisional Seniority List of Class-2

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