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Transfer of Deputy Directors

Transfer Order of 10 Deputy Directors has been issued by Finance Department on 09/09/2015.

Download Orders from following link:

Deputy Director Transfer Order 09-Sep-2015

New Medical Policy for Gujarat Government Employees and Pensioners

Government of Gujarat has issued New Medical Policy for Government Employees and Pensioners by publishing Government Resolution (GR) of Health and Family Welfare.

Download the New Medical Rules from following link:

New Medical Policy – 2015

Vehicle Outsourcing GR from G.A.D.

General Administration Department (G.A.D.) has published GR of Date 01/04/2010 about vehicle outsourcing for various offices.

G.A.D. has issued some alteration/modification in that GR by another GR of Date: 28/06/2013. This GR is not available on website of G.A.D.

You can download the GR from following link

Vehicle Outsource GR of Date: 28-6-13

Leave Encashment for Teachers

Education Department has published circular/clarification on Date:26/03/2013 regarding Leave encashment on retirement of teachers of Government and Non-Government Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Higher Secondary Schools.

This circular/clarification is NOT available on GSWAN of website or Education Department.

Download the Circular from following link:

Leave Encashment to Teachers (Date:26/03/2013)

There is another important notification of Finance Department (FD) regarding Leave Encashment for Teachers. By this notification FD has amended Rule-65(4) of Gujarat Civil Service (Leave) Rules, 2002. This notification is also NOT available on GSWAN of website or Finance Department.

Download the Notification from following link:

FD Notification (Date:21-04-27)


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